Local Artist, El Palmar (Murcia), 24 years old.

Graffiti, painting and drawing have been the artistic means that this artist has practiced the most. He started with tattoo as a hobby, while doing his studies in Sports Science.

The motivation he received from Ganga was the trigger for him to work as a tattoo artist professionally.

They had previously had a relationship thanks to graffiti. Ganga encouraged him to continue with this, he could observe in the artist some qualities that would help him go far, and this is something that Toni Garcia could not let go. After a year, the artist’s growth was amazing.

Ganga gave him the opportunity to start tattooing on his team and promised to polish this diamond in the rough. It did not take long to realize that he was not wrong, he has got a great future ahead of him and his commitment  is what is making him grow non-stop.

Black-and-white realism is the style that he works, like Ganga and Honart, although this artist is opened to work different styles, since this enriches him a lot as an artist.

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