Abarán (Murcia), 25 years old.

The second pillar that supports this studio. An artist who specializes in black and white realism.

His passion for tattooing is unconditional, he isn’t an artist dedicated to the creation of other artistic expressions, ink is his only means and this is what has made Honart grow exponentially.

From the moment he started with this profession, he promised himself to get his name to match the greatest in the world and become a great realism tattoo artist.

In a very short time he began to visit different professional studios in Spain, such as Cáceres, Asturias, Madrid or Barcelona.

The control of textures and lighting led our artist to conduct a specialized seminar with Ganga.

Our owner/operator was amazed by the attitude and commitment shown by Honart, and this is what made Ganga follow up his work, and trust him from the first day we opened the doors of Ganga Tattoo Studio.

It could be considered this, the moment in which this great family was built.

Today, his motivation is driving him to other countries, he has already tattooed in Sweden, London and this is just the beginning.

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