Local Artist, El Palmar (Murcia), 21 years old.

After a few years tattooing and researching about tattoo in our skin he came across a style with a great philosophical background, the sacred geometry.

This geometry aims the stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain, combining the artistic and creative skills of the right hemisphere, and the logistics and mathematics that represents the left hemisphere.

All this symbolism, in addition to the beauty and complexity that he found in his designs, made Cristian focus more and more on this style, soaking up the works of the best artists, and investigating the most experienced designers in this area.

Little by little he was finding a gap in this competitive market, developing delineated designs, mandalas, and geometry, thus putting into practice everything investigated and awakening the interest of people for this type of design.

Today he has earned a place in the studio, contributing with a fresh and modern touch that is increasingly getting a foothold in the world of tattooing

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